WiFi Wisdom – Three

Here's a shifty question to ponder. The Answer is HERE! If explicit beamforming is part of 802.11n but no clients have implemented it, why does implicit beamforming (Cisco ClientLink) work?

WiFi Wisdom – One

From time to time I may test your WiFi smarts.  This first one isn't a softball and probably won't be found easily in a book.  It's also one of the lest-understood WiFi behaviors (from my vantage) and absolutely should affect your WLAN design. Answer here! Answer will be posted later this week.

3 Steps to Tuning a Cisco WLAN Controller From Default Settings

When I asked a few Cisco Wireless Consulting Systems Engineers if they’d ever trust a controller’s default config for any time of AP deployment beyond 1 or 2 AP’s the typical answer (when they stopped laughing) was <expletive> NO. Of course I anticipated that answer and was prepared with a follow up: Okay what would …