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Special Announcement (21 June 2017):  Get ready for a special announcement regarding #WirelessFriday!.  –Jason Grant

Special Announcement (16 May 2017):  I have had the honor of hosting a regular series of webinars that focused not on what to buy, rather what do do with it when you got it.  The series ultimately became #WirelessFriday.  As of today I am closing down the regularly scheduled events and will be focused on what comes next (see this post).  From the bottom of my heart thank you so much for your support and interest.  –Jason Grant


Upcoming Events

Date Topic Detail

Past Events

Date Topic Detail
April 28, 2017 My Favorite Features of Cisco HDX
April’s topic is Cisco’s High Density Experience (HDX) features. We covered and demo’d 7 of the prominent HDX features. Thanks to Allan Ross for being the featured speaker.

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March 24, 2017 Wireless Tricks from a Cisco Insider – Ever get frustrated looking for an up-to-date white-paper on a specific topic? Wonder if the controller code versions mean anything? What features require what versions of software (and hardware)? We will tackle these and more in the next #WirelessFriday event.

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February 24, 2017 WiFi Optimization
The topic of the February Wireless Friday Webinar will be Wi-Fi Optimization. Clients are using more real-time and higher bandwidth applications. Your Wi-Fi network needs adapt to a constantly changing environment. The webinar will include mini-demos on health dashboards, flexible radio assignment, and application prioritization.

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January 20, 2017 ISE for Guest Access – This next session will be all about GUEST ACCESS. We will answer questions such as: Is there a technical reason why guest access should be super easy? What kind of self-service guest authorization mechanisms are there? What would the guest experience be and how is that managed on the back-end?

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