RF Fundamentals

In this episode of #WirelessTuesday my guest Mark Kirscher, Cisco Live Hall of Fame Speaker, teaches us about RF fundamentals. He discusses how radio waves behave, how antennas work, how energy is transmitted, how data is modulated, and the various 802.11 transmission standards work.

Cisco Mobility Express

In this edition of #WirelessTuesday I have invited Jay Kothari, product manager of Cisco Mobility Express, to come chat about some enhanced capabilities for smaller deployments or high-scale branches.

Cisco Wireless Assurance & WPA3

The next episode will have two topics: I've invited friend-of-the-show Stephen Orr to join to chat about the upcoming WPA3 specification. Stephen is the chairperson of the WiFi Alliance Security work group and has been working for months to bring this important update to market. I'll also be joined by Taranpreet Kohli to discuss Cisco Wireless Assurance which was just launched a Cisco Live Europe. TP is a Senior Product Manager here at Cisco and I can't wait to hear what he will have to say about this great new tech.

#WirelessTuesday – February 2018 – Questions & Responses

Thank you very much for your interest in the Cisco #WirelessTuesday podcast! This article is a quick recap of the February 2018 live recording event attendee questions and panel responses. I would like to make a public thanks to my guests.  Thank you Stephen Orr and Taranpreet (TP) Kohli for sharing with us today. I would also like to …