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Jason Grant is a member of the Global Enterprise Networking Access team and has been with Cisco since late 2000. He was most recently an Enterprise Networking and Wireless LAN specialist, a position he had held for fourteen years. He was part of the sales organization supporting a variety of customers from just a few employees, all the way to the largest organizations in the western United States.  As a salesperson, Jason stays very technical and blends in business acumen and business transformation to elevate the value of IT within an organization, helping them harness the trend of digitization.  Earlier in his career Jason was a Systems Engineer at Cisco and a network engineer at Fluke Corporation and the City of Seattle.

Jason very much enjoys giving back to his community, volunteering in several ways.  He has served as IT Director for a Seattle area nonprofit, supporting high-speed apps and services across 5 sites, negotiating contracts with vendors and implementing application and business services.  He also volunteers as a pro-audio engineer at a few local sites including Valley View Middle School in Snohomish, Washington.  Jason and his wife Michele support several organizations that provide recovery services to victims of sex-trafficking.

Jason has coached several recreational youth sports teams including basketball and soccer.  He enjoys martial arts and a few years ago earned a 1st degree black belt in Shaolin Chuan Fa Kenpo, a mixed martial art based on centuries old teachings of Shaolin monks of China.

Please consider supporting these important organizations:

Hope Creek Foundation

Hope Creek Charitable Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization located in Mill Creek, WA that serves those in need in our community. We believe in serving our community with grace and compassion, building relationships along the way.


Peoria Home Logo
Peoria Home

The mission of Peoria is to provide sanctuary along with an array of support services and educational opportunities for women who have a significant history of trafficking, prostitution and chemical dependency. Peoria’s residential program provides long-term secure housing as a haven from the social, psychological and economic factors that drive women to desperate means for survival.


charity water logo
Charity: Water

Charity: Water is a non-profit organization that provides clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. The organization was founded in 2006 and has helped fund 19,819 projects in 24 countries, benefiting over 6.1 million people.


banner-destinyhouseDestiny House

The Destiny House is a FREE 12-month program that was founded to help women who are looking for the opportunity to escape from and reestablish their lives outside of the sex industry (commercial sexual exploitation/sex trafficking). The program consists of customized case planning that focuses on the whole person: emotional, mental, spiritual, relational and physical healing.


Contact Jason Grant at jason@shutostrike.com or on any of these other fine platforms.


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