#WirelessTuesday – February 2018 – Questions & Responses

Thank you very much for your interest in the Cisco #WirelessTuesday podcast! This article is a quick recap of the February 2018 live recording event attendee questions and panel responses.

I would like to make a public thanks to my guests.  Thank you Stephen Orr and Taranpreet (TP) Kohli for sharing with us today.

I would also like to thank my panelists Ben Edwards and Brad Kincaid. I appreciate everything you do to help make #WirelessTuesday possible.

Questions & Responses

Q. Does this tie into the Cat-9Ks DNA?
R. Yes it does. Today’s demonstration is specific to wireless however DNA Assurance is agnostic to wired/wireless.

Q. How is all this data past through the network and what is the estimated overhead?
R. Assurance telemetry streams from 16 different data sources currently. For wireless Assurance much of the data comes from the WLC over the wired network. I’m unsure about the overhead, but it’s not disruptive per customer and in-house deployments to date.

Q. What was the name of the Cisco Full Bars Spark-room. I tried to find it but failed…
R. Follow this link https://eurl.io/#H10e1EdQZ

Q. Will the location feature require the MSE/CMX?
R. The features being demonstrated require DNA Center. There is no dependency on the MSE/CMX.

Q. Where do I find SW documentation about DNA-C on CCO
R. https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/cloud-systems-management/dna-center/products-release-notes-list.html

Q. Will WPA3 require support for GCMP?
R. WPA3 Enterprise “Suite B” will require GCMP. Suite B will be optional.

Q. Any info on what version of AireOS will WPA3 be supported?
R. This is to-be-determined as the WFA has not formally launched WPA3.

Q. Will there be a need for a mixed mode WPA2/WPA3 will they happily coexist? Autodetect?
R. Yes. The mix of WPA2/WPA3 may depend more on your deployment’s policy.

Q. Will WPA3 have hardware limitations for decryption? For example, AP model x,y,z not supported.
R. Specifically 802.11-2016.

Q. What do the sensor tests run from? Is it initiated from an access point at the site?
R. Sensor tests can be run from a flexible radio in the 2800 and 3800 series APs or from a purpose-built sensor the Aironet Active Sensor that can be mounted at client height for a more accurate representation of actual client experience

Q. Does DNA Assurance tie in with CMX at all? Also, are Heat Maps (currently in Cisco Prime) moving into DNA Assurance?
R. Yes, it ties in with CMX and Operational Insights. Heat maps are able to be migrated from Prime into DNA-Center today.

Q. Could you please repeat how do deploy the DNA feature and what the device do you deploy it to?
R. A DNA Center appliance and DNA Advantage subscription for your APs are all that is required. Your WLC should be running the latest version of AireOS 8.5.

Q. Do you need to buy the entire DNA Center to get Wireless Assurance? Or can you buy separately?
R. You can get access to DNA Assurance for wireless by getting a DNA-C Appliance and DNA Advantage subscriptions for your wireless access points. You do not need to license DNA for your switches if you do not wish to in order to get Assurance for wireless.

Q. Does Prime go away by moving to Wireless Assurance?
R. Prime does not go away, but more and more of the functionality you expect from Prime will be coming to DNA Center and Assurance.

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