Cisco Aironet Ordering Playbook – #WirelessTuesday Special Edition


Please Note:  I updated this video in response to some great feedback I got.  Keep those comments coming!

Download the presentation here.

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ROI & Refresh Tools



6 Replies to “Cisco Aironet Ordering Playbook – #WirelessTuesday Special Edition”

  1. Hi Jason, thanks for this excellent presentation especially on the Licensing part. Very clear and well explained. One comment on the pricing in the ordering slide. End of last year Cisco uplifted the prices on access points so I recommend you to change these. 1852I $ 1.025,00, 2802I $ 1.345,00 and 3802I $ 1.695,00

  2. Hi Jason, just another comment. I have downloaded the presentation but unfortunately the resources links doesn’t work. Can you provide me the URL’s per email? Especially the ROI refresh tools. Thanks in advance.

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