You are invited as my special guest!


If you are reading this, it is entirely possible I have asked you to be my special guest on an upcoming #WirelessTuesday podcast.  Thank you for your consideration!  You have been identified as an industry expert and I would love to share some of your brain with the world.

My Ask of You

  • Attention spans are short these days! I ask you present for no more than 20 minutes.  Please do not include “marketing fluff” unless it directly ties in to your prepared remarks.
  • Please provide me your Twitter and LinkedIn links.  I will use these to socialize the event and generate excitement.
  • You will be presenting to a live audience of customers, partners, and Cisco employees.  Make sure anything you say is okay for public consumption.
  • Attendees and podcast subscribers have specifically indicated they are interested in WiFi.  They tend to be medium to very technical.  Other industry bloggers and influencers have participated in the live events.
  • The #WirelessTuesday podcast live event recording that happens on the first Tuesday of the month (unless otherwise noted).  Occasionally I record special editions mid-month.
  • The recording will last no more than an hour.  The first 4-5 minutes is a time for me to make announcements and introduce you, my special guest.
  • You may elect to take questions during your lecture time, or after.
  • When you are done I will verbally ask a few questions that came in from the live audience.
  • After the event I will consolidate and sanitize the audience questions and panel responses.  I may ask that you clarify some responses or comment on anything left unanswered.

About #WirelessTuesday

#WirelessTuesday is a monthly Podcast with a live event recording that takes place the first Tuesday of each month.

Historically, Cisco has been a big place and we simply cannot afford to have targeted, persistent marketing campaigns for every technology and product set.  For years, as a regional specialist resource, my team hosted in-person Wireless Design Clinics and the occasional Wireless Friday webinar event.  These evens were very well attended and customers responded with very high survey marks.  The trouble is it’s a lot of effort.  As a sales organization, we also needed to stay engaged with customers and the logistics of these events were often daunting.  Then a couple small, evolutionary changes made all the difference.

  • In 2017, I built a monthly schedule to meet once a month.  I used WebEx Event Center as my delivery vehicle.
  • To coordinate I built a #WirelessTuesday Interest List.  Here, people would opt-in to email notifications that I would send out a week before, the day before, and a follow-up a day or two after each event.  In 2017, there were about 1,200 opt-in signups, with the vast majority being customers.
  • I created, a landing page on my blog that allowed me to have a place to point to get registered for a live event recording, access past recordings and in-event questions and responses, and sign up for the mailing list.

Thank you for your consideration!


Jason Grant