#WirelessTuesday – December 2017 – Questions & Responses

Thank you very much for your interest in the Cisco #WirelessTuesday event!  This article is a quick recap of the December 2017 event with the associated questions and panel responses.

I would like to make a public thanks to Darryl Sladden, Senior Product Manager here at Cisco! He gave us an update on the innovations we’ve made that perform analysis on the who, how, and where your wireless devices are.  Innovations that include something we use here at Cisco to optimize the use of real estate, yielding $20M per year in savings or cost avoidance.

I would also like to thank my panelists Brad KincaidRush Johnson, and Mark Dellavalle.

If you’d like to hear the recording you can access it here.

Q1.  What do we recommend if customer is coming from Prime 3.1 and wants to upgrade to 3.2 or do we recommend 3.3? Any drawbacks if he uses 3.3 with CMX 10.4?
R1.  There is a full compatibility matrix available at https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/wireless/compatibility/matrix/compatibility-matrix.html. There you will find what is recommended.

Q2.  Did you say you can send to max 4 MSEs?
R2.  Yes, there is a max of 4 NSMP destinations (ie MSEs/CMX instanance) that a controller can talk to at any one time with WLC 8.6.  For FASTLocate, each individual AP talks to a single CMX instance.

Q3.  Do you require the Hyperlocation module in order to enable FastPath, or can we use this in the traditional APs with RTLS?
R3.  FastPath works with FastLocate which can be configured without Hyperlocation. The difference is that you don’t get angle of arrival without Hyperlocation, but you do compute location based on the data packets.  Support for FASTPath extends to 1800/2800/3800 with WLC 8.6.

Q4.  Will the presentation/PowerPoint be shared after the meeting?
R4.  Yes. As of this week, all #WirelessTuesday sessions with be posted as a Podcast, currently available on iTunes —- soon to be available on Spotify. You’ll be able to visit the archived sessions as well.

Q5.  Regarding CMX 10.4; where are the Configuration and Installation guides? The release notes for 10.4 only links to websites that has these guides for versions up to 10.3, but no 10.4.
R4.  CMX Installation Guides can be found here:

Q6.  Can the HyperLocation Antenna be used on external antenna APs?
R6.  Yes, the Hyperlocation module has an option for a being mounted on an 3700e with a patch antenna.   CMX 10.4 also supports the new AIR-ANT25-LOC-02= Hyperlocation Antenna, model 2, detached directional antenna

Q7.  Will CMX allow you to give clients a friendly name so when you see it on the map you know what it is or better yet search for that client?
R7.  This is not supported natively with CMX, however this is supported with Operational Insights, a cloud service that consumes location information from CMX.

Q8.  Where can I get more info on Operational insights? Assuming this is a front end where users can access? Or more for IT?
R8.  Data Sheet and Guide

For a BETA account, please contact Pushkar Sharma (pushshar) <pushshar@cisco.com>

Q9.  There are antennas with less the 32 elements, correct? What would the difference in accuracy data be?
R9.  The Hyperlocation module includes a purpose-built antenna array specific for AoA (Angle of Arrival) calculations — the module / and the antenna are a single unit.

Q10.  Will HyperLocation provide accuracy better than 5-7 meters? We have a business use case that requires 1 meter accuracy.
R10.  Hyperlocation has the ability to locate WiFi clients that are associated with a 1-3m accuracy provided best practice design for AP placement is used.

Q11.  Can CMX engaged rule build for specific user /mac — > like direct marketing for a group of user or specific user?
R11.  Yes CMX Engage can tag a specific user if they have specific features that identify the specific user.

Q12.  What management do I pick Prime or DNA Center?
R12.  DNA Center is primarily for defining intent and allowing automated configuration with Software Defined Access and Fabric Enabled Wired/Wireless. Prime Infrastructure is for lifecycle management and provides the wireless heat maps and hooks in to CMX.  Check out video posted here: https://ciscofullbars.com/2017/12/01/wirelesstuesday-se1/

Q13.  This is a little off topic but we are running MSE 8.0.140. We were told if we upgrade to CMX 10 then we would have to import all our Prime images into CMX. Is this still an issue with CMX 10.4?
R14.  CMX 104. has the ability to pull in maps from Prime 3.1 Infrastructure or later.  You can choose to either have the maps synced based when you select to sync in Prime or in CMX.

Q14.  So are you saying all the AP’s should be pointing the same way with the light pointing towards the left or right. Or is ok to mount them whichever way but we can document the direction dependent on the light location?
R14.  As a best practice, all the AP’s should be “pointed” the same way. In cases where that is not possible, be sure to note the directional difference in Prime Infrastructure.  Pointing all AP in the same direction, makes it easier for troubleshooting and future installations, but is not required for the software to function correctly.

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