I’ve been running Cisco ACS since v1.2. What now?

I may be showing my age a bit here but I love Cisco ACS and started using it back when it was still in diapers at version 1.2.  The interface wasn’t the prettiest but it did one job and it did it REALLY well.  My beloved ACS is about to go in to retirement and move to… wherever auth servers go when they retire, leaving room for something new.

I don’t know what you’ve heard about Cisco ISE but if you look at the marketing materials you might think it does just about everything, including washing the dishes.  (Spoiler alert: it doesn’t do dishes.)  One thing Cisco ISE does REALLY well is take over where ACS is leaving off, and it’s not every expensive to do it, either.

For those of you wanting to know what this would mean for your environment, I’d like to direct you to 5 YouTube videos that will educate and train you on the entire process, with only a 2.5 hour time investment.  Thank you to Krishnan Thiuvengadam for posting these great videos!

Part 1: Overview and Planning for the ACS to ISE Migration (1 hour)

Part 2: Preparing for the Migration (24 minutes)

Part 3:  Migration Process and Demonstration – Video 1 of 3 (17 minutes)

Part 3:  Migration Process and Demonstration – Video 2 of 3 (29 minutes)

Part 3:  Migration Process and Demonstration – Video 3 of 3 (14 minutes)


Please let me know what you thought of these videos!

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